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Posted 09/13/2012 3:38 PM Post a reply Quote this post View Nachtjager's info
The last time I checked in on the site before getting the game recently was about the time you were debating to even do a GT5 update for gtvault. I completely understand how you have a bad taste from it all after reading that. I'm 46% done with A-spec and I'll concur with the retread assessment. I would like to chat about it, but every gripe and/or praise I'm sure has been discussed here ad nauseum for the past couple years.

I haven't touched online yet. I've heard that it feels like a completely different physics engine, and I haven't tuned anything yet. I'm still in the "buy a car/buy tires/race mode". How well do GT4 setups translate over, in your opinion?

I would like to thank you directly for your work with gtvault. It has played a major part in my enjoyment of games that have taken a lot of playing time out of me. I registered in '05, but had been using the site since 2001 I believe. There were many nights with the glow of GT on one screen and gtvault on another trying to kill understeer. So, thanks, Kerr.
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