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Updated 11/27/2001 6:21 PM Post a reply Quote this post View Kerr's info
I uploaded the enhancements sooner than scheduled, and it went well. Everything listed below is now active on the site. I've replaced a lot of text links with icons, so be sure to consult the "Icon Help" link to the left if you have any trouble getting around.
  • Navigation icons have been added for easier viewing, posting and editing of both setups and comments
  • A more organized Setup Viewing page - now you can tell how many times your setup has been visited!
  • Comment editing capabilities - you can now edit your posted comments
  • Setup Comment posting and editing - have an opinion about someone's setup? Now you can post a comment about it!
  • Improved formatting of comment pages - Comprehensive user info is now located to the left of a user's comment

I told you guys enhancements would be coming--- there are more on the way. I promise I will get the FAQ updated soon.

Thanks, Kerr
Owner - GTVault

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Posted 11/28/2001 2:45 AM Post a reply Quote this post View starsky's info
very nice site Kerr,

Looking forward to hopefully being able to add some useful set ups in the upcoming months.
keep up the good work.

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