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The Tranny Trick - How To and Why! Updated by Kerr 10/18/2011 9:00 PM
The "Tranny Trick" resets the transmission ratios closer together and provides much quicker shifting in the upper rpm ranges. Higher horsepower cars make use of tighter ratios by staying in the "sweet spot" of the horsepower curve more than with stock ratios. Lower horsepower cars, or cars with more torque than horsepower, are best served with stock or wider ratios and do not benefit from the trans trick.

More into it.. (convo between BTWhite37 and Lister-StormV12, 3/9/06)

What's it all about, what does it achieve?

As I understand it............ The tighter ratios allow for the car to not have to "pull the gear" from way down low in ther RPM range. The car "bangs" off shifts much quicker without having to pay the penalty of lugging the engine. The RPM of the higher horsepower cars remain in the "Sweet spot", or just plain screamin' all the time.
Remember, torque (twisting force), is generated low in the rpm range, and horsepower (momentum of the engine spinning), is a product of the rpm at high revs.

The "Tranny Trick" goes like this.
  1. Reset gear ratios to their default values.
  2. Set the Final Drive to its maximum setting.
  3. Set the Auto Set (Max Speed in GT5) to its maximum, and then down to its minimum, and then leave it there.
  4. Set the Final Drive for each track allowing for maximum RPM, (or just before the rev limiter), in top gear at the end of the longest straight section.
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