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Welcome to the Gran Turismo Tuners Vault. We host the most comprehensive tuning database for Gran Turismo players on the web. Take a look around and try out some setups. Please register to post setups or comments - it's free. now online! Posted by Kerr 09/05/2007 5:56 PM
Hey all, therat1989 and friends have been working long and hard on a tuning site for Forza 2 players called Forza Garage. The site is now online, so all you Forza 2 players feel free to sign up and start posting your setups.
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No NA release for GT5 Prologue? Updated by Kerr 08/29/2007 7:21 PM
A recent article on goes into a bit of detail on features in the upcoming GT5 Prologue. The good news is that there appears to be a damage model included. But, to quote the article...


The bad news? A North American release has not yet been confirmed. The Europeans and Japanese will get their driving gloves on the game this year, but Yamauchi asked us to solicit fan feedback. They said they'll be evaluating fan interest to see if a US and Canada version makes sense.

You know what to do. If you want it, say so.

So it appears the nascent North American market must beg for a stateside release of GT5 Prologue. I urge all US based GT players to contact SCEA and let them know that you want a proper NA release for GT5 Prologue.

Source: via MasterGT.
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New Gran Turismo 5 trailer: Updated by GT2000 07/12/2007 5:05 AM
As some of you know E3 2007 is happening at the moment with Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony showing off there new 1st and 3rd party games to the media. Anyway while browsing through all the news articals (takes a while) and such I was met with a GT5 trailer link. Unibrow


In game or not? I'm not sure. The first part looks like a CG video but the cars racing on track looks like replay game footage to me. Either way its impressive stuff
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Sony PS3 price drop... X360 to follow? Posted by Kerr 07/10/2007 6:24 PM
If you've been on the fence about getting a PS3 due to price, as some of you I'm sure know Sony has dropped the price of the 60GB PS3 from $599 US to $499 US. is already offering the new lower price white most other retailers have yet to do so. The forthcoming 80GB PS3 will now occupy the $599 price slot.

Source: I4U

In related news, industry analysts speculate that Microsoft will be dropping the price of all Xbox 360 offerings.
Analyst Micheal Pachter said on Monday that Microsoft will, in fact, reduce the price of the Xbox 360 tomorrow at the start of the company's E3 press briefing. He believes the $299 Core will drop to $249; the $399 Premium to drop to $349; and the newly released $479 Elite to drop to $399 in response to lower-than-expected sales of all three systems.

Source: PC World

Regardless of the price drop, MasterGT made a good point via e-mail about the dearth of racing titles on the PS3.
MasterGT wrote:
Seems that was what everyone was waiting for, but my concern is racing games, of course. There just doesn't seem to be anything worthwhile buying yet, PLUS, based on a recent comment, SONY still seems bent on doing the same two version (Classic and Premium) with on-line content sales that they canceled with GT:HD (not the current GT:HD Concept). DiRT has had poor reviews (except for graphics) and that leaves SEGA Rally Revo (and arcade game), Race Driver One (the new ToCA name) and Gran Turismo 5 (and its Prologue, due in a few months). Not a lot to look forward too in the immediate term.

I have to say I agree with his thoughts. So, is anyone who was on the fence before going to jump in and buy a PS3 at the new $499 price point?
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News Posts Posted by Kerr 07/05/2007 12:08 PM
Just an FYI -- As some of you may have noticed, GT2000 posted a news piece on the home page today. He's been a good source of both GT and general gaming news over the years, to the point that I've made several posts on the GTVault home page based on links he's posted. I thought it would be a good thing to place his news posts here on the home page instead of buried in other threads.
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Revolutionary rumble for the Playstation 3 Updated by GT2000 07/07/2007 1:51 PM
Touchsense technology for new official pad:

The upcoming rumble-enabled edition of PS3's Sixaxis controller will feature a brand new feedback technology called 'touchsense'. It'll mean that the pad won't just rumble as per usual, instead Sixaxis will be able to output a variety of levels of feedback from several different points on the controller.

The new technology can create more powerful and more intense rumblings than any other pad. It will be possible for developers to create more subtle and appropriate feedback effects - the sharp kick of a bullet, say, or a slow increase in feedback while accelerating a race car.

Fortunately, touchsense isn't going to send the price of Sixaxis rocketing. It's unclear whether Sony plan to have two versions of the controller on sale - one with rumble, one without - but, according to the French Official PlayStation magazine who revealed the new tech, the cost of including feedback will only cause a slight raise in the retail price of the controller.

Source: Gamesradar
Sounds promising to me, now all we need are the games and a price drop
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Latest Setups enhanced Updated by Kerr 06/15/2007 12:07 PM
I'm sure about everyone has used the "New Setups" sidebar that's located on every GTVault web page. In the past, this section listed just the "new" posted setups and ignored any existing setups that had been recently updated. In discussing possible enhancements, NSXType-R and ukproracer both had a good suggestion, which was to include updated setups as well. I've made the necessary changes so that both new and updated setups are displayed in the now renamed "Latest Setups" sidebar.

Setups are displayed by date in descending order. As an example, let's say I posted a new setup five minutes ago, and NSXType-R updated one of his existing setups just three minutes ago. NSXType-R's setup will be displayed at the top with mine just below.

Thanks for the suggestion!
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A couple enhancement ideas Posted by Kerr 06/01/2007 7:45 AM
I've been thinking about a couple enhancement ideas and wanted to bounce them off of you guys to gauge interest. First, I know virtually all tuners will tweak and edit a setup over time, each time making a small adjustment to gauge it's effectiveness. I've been tracking and storing setup changes since September 6, 2006. That is, I am storing a "Setup History" of any new or changed setup since that date. Do you guys think it would be a good idea to open up the history for viewing, so that tuners can view previous versions of their setups? I can think of a lot of benefits, namely that of being able to see what changes were made to a setup over time.

With a feature like this, GTVault could track and display items that were changed from the prior version of a setup. For instance, let's say Tuner XYZ changes Front Spring Rate on their setup from 8.9 to 9.3. GTVault could highlight the 9.3 and display the prior 8.9 when you mouse over Front Spring Rate. GTVault could also potentially track Best Lap times over the history of a setup so the tuner can see what changes made the most/least impact. What do you think?

Another item I've been thinking about is private setups. I know a lot of tuners, especially those who compete in online racing, are very protective of their setups. The net effect is that some tuners choose not to enter their setups in GTVault since it would be out there for the world to see. What do you guys think of the ability to enter private setups that only you can view? I think this could be a very useful feature, especially when combined with the aforementioned Setup History idea.

I appreciate any and all feedback!
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Gran Turismo HD Demo Updated by Kerr 05/12/2007 4:06 PM
I bit the bullet awhile back and purchased a PS3. I have to say it is an amazing machine, especially for HDTV owners. The first generation games are very impressive, and I can't wait to see the results when developers really begin to harness the PS3's power. I of course downloaded the Gran Turismo HD Demo as soon as I got everything hooked up. I'm pretty impressed with all aspects of the game. As with all good demos though, it leaves you salivating for more. It's been awhile since I've posted, so I thought I would comment on some of my observations.

Everyone knows the GT series has been the benchmark which all other racing games (and other genres for that matter) games are held. Going back to GT1, the attention to detail given to the car models themselves has always been astounding. However, I feel that most will agree that the commitment to the cars themselves left other areas graphically lacking. Most notable are the low resolution texturing on some backdrops and 2D "paper" race fans. I imagine this could've been a function of previous consoles only being able to push so many polygons through the video processor. Regardless, the GT HD demo hits the ball out of the park. The mountain view scenery is purely jaw dropping, and the realism of the crowd cheering you on makes for a very enveloping experience. I found myself wrecking constantly during my first few laps, not because I couldn't drive the cars, but because I found myself stealing looks at the scenery a little too often. This is unfortunately how I observe many people driving in real life! I am also excited when I read about an in-car view, but GT HD does not feature this. edit - Thanks to Flasawoo for the link to a screenshot of an in-car view. Now that I see this, I recall having seen it before. Having a true in-car view will be an awesome addition to the game.

Much has been said about the unrealistic engine sound in prior GT releases, especially when dealing with fully tuned vehicles. The GT HD demo contains a very limited number of cars, but you can unlock a tuned version of each after beating a compulsory benchmark time. There are 0 tuning options outside of driving the hopped up versions of each car, so it's difficult to say with any veracity how realistic tuned motors will sound in GT5. That being said, I feel the sound quality of the engines is a marked improvement over prior releases. As always, the environmental sounds such as wind noise, tire squeal, etc., are all top notch. A decent 5.1 surround sound system is a requirement for those who want the whole experience.

Alongside graphics, the physics is another hallmark for the GT series. I was blown away when I first played GT1. The tuning model aside, frankly I've been nonplussed ever since. I feel physics in the GT series has taken a very evolutionary track bereft of any continued innnovation. I didn't notice it so much until I played Forza on XBox. I kept going back to Forza again and again simply because I felt more connected to the cars I was driving. I'm sure some of you will disagree with me, especially when thinking of GT4. But having played all games mentioned extensively, my preference from a pure racing standpoint stands with Forza. It seems PD has swallowed a bit of their hubris and taken a cue from the Forza team, as I was pleasantly surprised with the overall physics in the GT HD demo. They've included a dedicated drift mode that is sure to excite the burgeoning drifter community. I'm not a huge drifter, but having played a few laps in drift mode, I did have quite a bit of fun with it. I admit I am a bit remedial in my capacity to explain the nuances of physics models, however I feel like I'm right there in the car when I careen through the corners in GT HD. Believe it or not, the GT series has always been about racing for me rather than tuning. Hell, I built GTVault because of my lack of tuning ability. Smirk

An area in which the GT series is painfully lacking is damage modeling. There is an pretty interesting thread over at the official Playstation forums about damage modeling in GT5. To distill it, a member there exchanged some private messages with a PD developer. The developer indicated that, due to PD's perfectionist tendencies (uhh, tell me why there's a boatload of bugs in every release!), the time it would take to incorporate damage modeling renders it an impossibility. I share MasterGT's view in that it ain't over till the fat lady sings. I couldn't care less about the musings of an individual developer insofar as he isn't an official spokesman for the game. Of course, if a damage model doesn't make it into GT5, that's a huge boon to any other racing franchise that does a decent job of it. The bottom line is that there needs to be accountability for crappy driving like wall riding and using cars as turn shields. The one true way to do so is to make racers pay for these decisions. Many people do not share my view and say that a damage model would make the game "too hard". I call bullshit. A damage model will accomplish an important goal, and that is to separate the wheat from the chaff. Not having a damage model in a game that pays so much attention to all other aspects of the racing experience is akin to manufacturing a car without a steering wheel. WTF? There is simply no good excuse for not including a damage model.

On a side note, as I said the genesis of the aforementioned thread was a private message exchange between the developer and another member. It was amusing to see the original poster manufacture defenses of his violation of the tenet of a private message. I personally feel that the developer was dumb for saying anything in the first place, assuming PD didn't want what he said to become public knowledge. Never write anything down assuming that it won't eventually be scrutinized by the public. I also feel that the member who posted the private message in a public forum showed his true colors in doing so, especially when attempting to justify what boils down to a violation of privacy. We have enough of that coming from the powers that be, let's not make it any worse by doing it to one another. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

While there is no online racing in GT HD, top times are automatically submitted to a central server. Additionally, replays of the top ten times are available for your viewing pleasure. It is nice to be able to directly see and learn from the techniques of the top racers. I'm sure there's a write-up about it somewhere, but there seems to be some sort of rotation on the top times. I keep seeing different times and racers at the top. I assume this type of thing will go away with an official release. Online racing is, from my standpoint, the biggest selling point of racing sims these days. I hope that PD addresses issues I've seen with other games, such as ghosting (cars on top of one another) and lag.

All told, I am very excited about the possibilities for GT5. The level of immersion becomes ever more impressive with each successive generation of consoles, and PD has always done a good job of harnessing that power. Again, without comment on tuning specifics, the major elements are all there for a truly astounding experience. Let's just hope that PD listens to their customers' salient points on damage modeling.
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Advanced Car Search - Enhanced Posted by Kerr 02/28/2007 7:50 PM
Somebody somewhere asked me if I could add power to weight ratio to the search criteria on the Advanced Car Search page. Well, I finally had some free time to add both Stock and Tuned P/W ratios as searchable criteria. I hope this helps some of you out.

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