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NASCAR race strategies Posted by Kerr 02/04/2008 1:13 AM
I came across this short yet informative video at The Onion which talks about the strategies used to win NASCAR races...

NASCAR Coach Reveals Winning Strategy: 'Drive Fast'
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New Feature - Autocomplete for Quick Car Search Updated by Kerr 01/28/2008 8:47 AM
It's been a long while since I've introduced any new features here on GTVault. One of the more useful things I've seen in the past couple years has been AJAX based suggest or autocomplete on text fields. I've added autocomplete to the Quick Car Search form to streamline the process of finding setups. It's real simple:

  • Type at least a couple characters into the Quick Car Search form (look up!).
  • Any cars matching your search string appear in a drop down list below the form.
  • Keep typing more characters to narrow the results list.
  • You can search for basically anything: Make, Car Name, even Year.
  • Click an item to go directly to that car's setup list. (You're redirected to the car's info page if no setups exist)
  • If you don't want to use the autocomplete feature, click the "Go" button as you normally would to view the search results page.
Give it a try and let me know what you guys think!

Browser compatibility note - I've tested in various browsers, including IE6, IE7, Firefox 1.5 & 2 and Safari Win 3 beta. This covers over 90% of the user base here, however I don't have access to Safari on Mac, so Safari Mac users let me know whether the autocomplete works.

PSP Users - I've noticed about 3% of site traffic is coming from visitors using the PSP browser. Due to time constraints I haven't developed a WAP or small screen version of GTVault. I am curious how "browseable" GTVault is on the PSP, so feel free to sound off if you're one of those users.
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A Brief History of Video Games Updated by Kerr 01/13/2008 12:35 PM
I was stumbling around the web the other day when I happened up on a website detailing the history of video games from the mid 1960's through the mid 1990's. I consider this required reading for anyone who has a passing interest in video games, regardless of whether you are old enough to have been gaming in that era.

Today we enjoy a market with three successful consoles and a substantial PC element. This breadth of product and intense competition breeds innovation and keeps prices somewhat in check. This was not so for two extended periods in gaming history: the reigns of Atari in the late 1970's and early 1980's and Nintendo in the late 1980's and early 1990's. In both cases consumers eventually demanded more powerful systems and games after playing their existing systems for a number of years. Due to their virtual monopoly of the market, at the height of their power both Atari and Nintendo basically said that gamers weren't ready for such advances. While there wasn't an heir apparent to Atari's throne in the early 1980's, Sega is largely responsible for handing Nintendo their ass and ushering in the 16 bit era with the Sega Genesis.

All in all, the website was very entertaining and interesting. I can remember playing the Atari Pong machine, so for me it was all the more entertaining reading about the systems that consumed a fair amount of my youth. Nod I personally read every page on the site, but I found these to areas the most interesting:

The chronological tour - This starts out at the beginning when video gaming was nothing more than a war project at the Pentagon and finishes up in the 64 bit era.
Gender And Racial Inequality in Video Games - An essay that strives to explain the true reasons behind the preponderance of white male characters in video games.


A couple days after my original post, I came across this t-shirt over at that I thought was funny and apropos. Any NES gamer knows this was the first thing you did when a cart wouldn't boot.

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Playing Wii Sports != working out Updated by Kerr 12/22/2007 9:23 PM
I'm not a huge Nintendo fan. I had the original NES and that was the last Nintendo system I personally owned. But anyway, I keep hearing that playing Wii Sports is like working out but have always found that to be a bit on the optimistic side. I came across this post over at ArsTechnica that basically backs up what I was thinking. Now games like DDR or the small amount of dedicated workout titles are a different story, but it doesn't appear you're going to get in shape playing a round of bowling or a set of tennis in front of your TV.
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Are You Ready For GT5 Prologue? Posted by Kerr 11/20/2007 9:47 AM
MasterGT posted this in a thread and, per his request, I am putting it up on the home page here... Kerr

Are You Ready For GT5 Prologue?

As I mentioned earlier, I recommend for any GT player who has not raced on-line before, to get some experience now and to make sure all of your hardware is working, etc, to make getting up to speed with Prologue as uncomplicated as you can.

You all are probably wondering what each of you at this forum are like as opponents, too, right? So, here is your chance to find out. Kerr gave the OK to invite you to the US PlayStation GT forum (link on the right), to join in with a couple of groups who are doing just that - using ToCA 3 to learn about on-line racing before you get Prologue. There are two threads to pay particular attention. One is the original GT5 Prep Racing League and the other one is my Intro To On-line Racing thread.

The host game being used is the closest on-line PS2 sim to GT that is available. It is a good game, but just like GT, it has its flaws**. If you don't have the game and you want to join the fun, start looking for one early because it may be difficult to find in your area. (** A bug hits randomly when using a wheel with a PS3, so if you still have an on-line PS2, use it. If you have a PS3, try using the controller if the wheel bug annoys you.)

Racing with the Prep League is ongoing and a new group using small cars, focused more on beginners to the game and to on-line play, will start on Monday 19th. Please let the hosts know if you plan on joining because rooms only hold 8 players and additional hosts may be needed, etc.

Eventually, from these small groups, you will probably be able to get as much racing as a student or working person can handle. I will have beginner "small car" races on Monday evenings (practice nights to be determined) and the Prep League runs its races Wednesday and Friday nights (plus practices). I am planning on around 15 weeks before Prologue is available in North America (ignoring the Japanese release), but the series can be shortened or drawn out until Prologue is available.

Rest assured that, if you are holding back from going on-line because of bashers and crashers, you will have nothing to fear. While beginners with this game don't have the same control they would have with GT (almost all of the tracks will be new to you), anything deliberate will not be tolerated by the hosts. All of you are welcome to come and test the on-line waters, to meet each other as friends and to have a good time doing it.

Are you ready for GT5 Prologue? Come have some fun while you all learn together if you really are.
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40GB PS3 Coming Nov. 2, Price Reduced For 80GB Model Posted by Kerr 10/23/2007 7:29 AM
Thanks to MasterGT for this news post that I found on the GT5 impressions thread. I've re-posted it below -- Kerr

40GB PS3 Coming Nov. 2, Price Reduced For 80GB Model
Originally Posted by Jack Tretton // President & CEO

With all the speculation and buzz out there regarding the 40GB PS3 announcements in Japan and Europe, I am very excited to confirm that the new $399 PS3 model will be coming to North America on November 2nd, making that particular configuration available worldwide. In North America, the 40GB PS3 comes bundled with the block-buster movie Spider-Man 3 on Blu-ray. Also, effective today, we’ve lowered the purchase price of our 80GB model by $100 to $499.

This move has been part of our longer term business strategy for PS3 since early on and we believe this lower priced model, combined with our broad line-up of content will appeal to a great many of you who want a lower entry price without sacrificing any of the core components of PS3. With today’s news, we’re strengthening our position approaching this holiday season and beyond with the intent to provide you with a choice and an excellent entry point into HD games and movies.

Adding to the appeal of the new retail pricing is the great PS3 lineup that will help further drive our momentum this holiday, including Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Heavenly Sword, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Assassin’s Creed, Haze and Rock Band. And that’s just the beginning: This holiday lineup will be followed in 2008 by highly-anticipated Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Grand Theft Auto IV, Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet and, of course, PlayStation Home.

Our goal this holiday season is to make PS3 even more affordable and to offer you greater choice to suit your gaming and entertainment needs. Again, I want to thank all of you for your continued support throughout this past year and I look forward to the months and years ahead.
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PS3 price drop confirmed; 40GB pack revealed Posted by GT2000 10/05/2007 2:58 PM
Sony unveils two new cut-price bundles to spearhead Christmas push in UK

From October 10th the existing PS3 Starter Pack will be replaced by a 60GB Value Pack, boasting a fully-functioning PS3 with one SIXAXIS controller and two first party titles for £349 – a price drop of around £75.

New to the market on the same day will be the 40GB model. It will retail at £299 - the same price Xbox 360 Elite – but features only two USB 2.0 ports and no longer includes the multi memory card port. It will also lack backwards compatibility with PS2 games.

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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue First Impressions Posted by GT2000 09/23/2007 2:43 PM
The last Gran Turismo mini-release, HD Concept, ended up being very good. Removed from the typically dismal AI competition and focused on one very good track, Eiger Nordwand, getting the most out of every car proved very enjoyable - especially when you factored in the Drift Trial element, which took GT's exacting race model on a tour of Project Gotham-style power-sliding demands. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, which is set to debut on the Japanese PlayStation 3 Store and at retail in the region on 13th December, appears to be a lot more traditional.

Armed with a choice of a couple of dozen cars, including fancy Evo IX rally cars, TVRs and Ferraris, the Tokyo Game Show demo lets you race round Suzuka, Fuji Speedway and Daytona courses in a field of 16. Fancy pods are set up with GT Racing Wheels, while elsewhere on the stand it's possible to play with the DualShock 3. Although set to a 10-lap race, the demo is time-limited to three minutes, so it was necessary to keep coming back to form any kind of conclusion about the content.

First things first, GT5 Prologue continues Polyphony's fine tradition of terrific graphical fidelity. Although race courses rather than city or off-road tracks, and necessarily a bit sterile as a result, it's hard not to be impressed by the attention to detail in composition throughout. Cars bounce on their suspension as they glance off rumble strips, glinting in the sunlight as reflections dance across their shiny exteriors, and, even with the best part of the 16-car grid on-screen, the PS3 has no difficulty realising the entire affair at a steady 60fps, and in 1080p, as was Sony's pledge.

That said, it's as hard as ever to get worked up about the game's art design. We have seen this level of fidelity in other racing games - most notably Forza Motorsport 2 and the forthcoming Project Gotham Racing 4 - and for that reason there's a definite creeping languor about any attempt to sound excited or enthusiastic about the visuals. You know what to expect: as much realism as Polyphony can squeeze out of the hardware, but not an ounce of personality.

Making up for that somewhat is the increased personality of your racing adversaries. Over the course of a few sequential attempts at Suzuka, it became apparent that they no longer take lightly to basic overtaking manoeuvres and happily move to block. That said, they seem as susceptible as ever to the old ruse of braking late into a corner and banging off their inside to gain position and remain on-track at their expense.

Gran Turismo 5 itself is expected sometime in 2008.
The choice of tracks, too, is a little underwhelming. After the fantastic challenge of Eidur Nordwand, a return to the wide tarmac of Suzuka, Fuji and particularly Daytona undoes a lot of Concept's hard work in building anticipation - certainly in this writer, anyway.

Putting that aside, your handling, in general, sticks to the unforgiving standard set by past GTs; you either brake early and position yourself on the track correctly or you struggle to make up places, or even remain on the course. It's hard to put it into any greater context based on the relatively basic opportunity available at TGS, partly because of its brevity, although that also reflects the fact the full suite of GT5 Prologue's options has yet to be made fully apparent (we do know, of course, that there are five tracks overall, and 50 cars). Really it is the online racing element, with support for 16 players, that is likely to have the greatest impact on its value.

That it will probably have to do, too, because while Sony recently moved to reject claims that the game would launch at a seemingly prohibitive EUR 45 cost, the TGS demo was flanked by boards proclaiming the 13th December date flanked by a 4980 yen price tag. That's GBP 20 or EUR 30, which is what you might expect for a Prologue title, but still a fair whack by our reckoning, particularly given the depth to which Concept extends for free. Expect Sony to bombard us with more reasons to be interested - as well as a European date - as we build toward the game's Japanese release just before Christmas.

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"Setup not found" errors Updated by Kerr 09/11/2007 6:35 AM
EDIT - The "Setup not found" error has been fixed. Please post a reply on this thread if you experience any other issues with the website.


All - my hosting company upgraded the version on my database, which has caused all setups to display "Setup not found" for some reason. I'm working on a fix now.
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Official GT5 Website Posted by GT2000 09/06/2007 10:23 AM
Its been a long time coming but PD and Sony have finally got around to designing the offical English GT5 website. Enjoy the pictures and video's guys!
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