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Who is getting GT5 Collector's Edition? Updated by Kerr 10/11/2010 6:04 PM
I just pre-ordered my copy of Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition today from Amazon. I was on the fence about ordering the standard Gran Turismo 5 vs. Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition, but ultimately for me I like the fact that a few of the sweetest cars on earth will be included, and the die-cast model is cool for me. The extra literature wasn't a deciding factor for me, though I'm sure I'll read through it! What is everyone else doing?
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GT5's release date Posted by MasterGT 06/15/2010 7:52 PM
E3 news and release dates:

North/Latin America = November 2nd, 2010
Europe = November

A special edition (5 DLC cars, a book, GT key fob, a die-cast custom car) = $99.99US.

There will be a GT conference on Thursday.

New details are being gleaned from new videos and the E3 floor demo.

Dust is getting better; there seems to be a pro-rated transition from daylight to darkness (it can be quick); the curious airport course with lights has now been identified as Salzberg; the Stig is in GT5.
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Logitech G27 & Virtual Racing Chassis Updated by Kerr 01/22/2010 2:57 PM
For years I've been tired of playing all my racing games with the stock handheld PS3 controller, so I bit the bullet today and ordered a Logitech G27 wheel. I've been on cusp of buying a wheel since the G25 was released, and I'm excited to pick it up after I get off work today.

I also decided to pick up a Virtual Racing Chassis (VRC), though they're on back order and it looks like it might be awhile before I'll receive it. I'll figure out something with the wheel in the meantime!

I know some of you guys use cockpits, a few of which are home made. I contemplated that route, but after doing a lot of research, I decided that it was worth spending my money on the VRC. So to you cockpit / wheel users, what setups are you using? How are you enjoying them, and what kind of improvement did you see in your times after making the move?
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GT5 News Posted by Kerr 01/05/2010 8:44 PM
I don't know if you guys spotted this over on GTPlanet or not, but someone got a hold of a copy of the February 2010 issue of PlayStation Magazine. It contains an article on upcoming features in GT5. From GTPlanet:

* 1,000+ vehicles
* All vehicles have modeled cockpits (170 premium cars will have interior damage modeling)
* All vehicles will have both physical and mechanical damage modeling
* Indy (IRL) cars and tracks
* NASCAR cars and track
* Up to 16 players online
* High-definition video uploads directly to YouTube
* Multi-display rendering
* Head-tracking
* Full weather and night racing on all tracks
* Night/Day on all tracks

The damage modeling is going to be pretty interesting!

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Happy New Year! Posted by Kerr 01/01/2010 10:01 AM
Well there goes a decade! I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and I hope your 2010 is a great one.

This year will mark the release of another major game in the GT franchise, and as we all know, that's a rare event! This also means some potentially big changes for GTVault. The version of GTVault that is in use today was launched in August 2005, just after the release of GT4. The Internet in general, and socially driven sites in particular, have changed so much since then. I have to put a lot of thought and planning into the direction of GTVault, and I want to make it a place that you enjoy in the coming decade as much as you did the last. So, I ask this of everyone:

What do you want out of GTVault in 2010 and beyond?
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Google Chrome FTW! Posted by Kerr 12/29/2009 12:41 PM
I've been using Firefox since it was a wee 1.x product. It has served me well, but in the past couple of years I've noticed that under heavy load (15+ tabs / 20+ extensions active), it really bogs down and memory consumption becomes an issue. I understand that some of this is due to my usage patterns and poorly written extensions, but I'm not the only one complaining about it. Sure, there are a lot of advanced tweaks to help remedy the situation, though I have come to really appreciate software that you don't have to tweak on a continual basis.

I develop websites for a living, so it's in my best interest to keep up on browsers. I have a MacBook Pro and use Safari from time to time. It's a solid browser, but I don't find myself going back to it habitually. Same with Opera; it's cool, but I didn't see a major need to change my go-to browser.

That said, I've been using Google Chrome since the first preview releases came out. Central to the things I like about Chrome are its sandbox architecture, spawning a new child process for each tab in play. As a result, Chrome does a really good job of keeping a tab gone awry from hijacking the entire browser. On top of that, my experience is that JavaScript heavy (e.g. Web 2.0) sites, say Remember The Milk, perform noticeably faster in Chrome.

I live for the myriad extensions available from 3rd party developers in Firefox. One thing I didn't like about Chrome early on was its lack of extensibility in this regard. This, however, has been remedied in more recent builds of Chrome. I'm excited to finally see the Chrome extension community is really taking hold. Almost all the major extensions that I consider absolutely crucial are now available for Chrome.

Checking my stats, 49% of users prefer using Firefox, to only 39% using Internet Explorer. I can't say how happy I am that GTVault users are ahead of the worldwide alternative browser adoption curve. Chrome comes in at 5%, and for being such a young browser, that's pretty promising, although that's considerably behind the worldwide trend of 8% (which our Firefox usage partially makes up for!). I still have Firefox open and use it all the time, as the breadth and depth of its extension community is without compare. Regardless, I find myself using Chrome more and more for daily surfing.

So, who out there is using Chrome? If so, do you like it? If not, you should really give it a try!
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Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Demo Updated by GT2000 12/25/2009 11:02 AM
The new GT demo went live a few days ago, what do you guys think?
My best times so far have put me in the top 800 people.

Normal Time - 1'52.171
Tuned Time - 1'39.037
Combined Time - 3'31.208

Last but not least I'd like to take the opportunity to say.....
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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GT at the Tokyo Game Show 2009 Updated by MasterGT 09/29/2009 1:50 AM
News will be coming in fast and strong - soon - with the TGS starting in a few days, so you can add the info here as it comes in.

SONY has started putting a few official and regional GT forums live on the web, with a few Asian ones and the US one first out of the gate.

Find yours here. Find the US one here.

Basic GT5 details and news from TGS/2009:

Copied & Pasted from the G4 blog. (with a post edit)

- Released March 31st, 2010, for Japan, "to achieve a suitable scale and quality"
- World-wide releases are unknown, at this time

- GT PSP unlocks GT5 cars
- Cars: Over 950, and the newest hybrid and electric cars
- Over 20 locations and 70 tracks, including: the Alps, Nurburgring, Southern Italy, Tokyo
- Physics: new physics, damage & roll-overs, movable objects on the track
- Arcade Mode: Single Player, split-screen two player
- GT Mode: World Map, My Garage, Car Dealer, Tuning Shop, Championship Race, and License Test
- Online: Open Lobby, Text/Voice Chat, Private Room, On-line Photo Album, On-line Replay Album, and you can export replays to YouTube
- Photo Mode: Photo Drive, Photo Stage - significant improvements
- GT TV: Improved UI, export of videos to PSP, and progressive downloading
- Lots of awesome spark effects

Since TGS:

- according to IGN, the damage engine we see in action in demos is only a couple of months old
- all cars have some damage including internal, with street cars getting cosmetic damage and (some?) race cars getting full damage
- GT PSP development held up GT5 development
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20,000 Tuners here at GTvault Posted by GT2000 08/21/2009 5:55 AM
Im sure Kerr would have liked to have made this post but I'll do it on his behalf as I didn't want to let this moment pass without a mention.

GTvault has now hit a new milestone of 20,000 Total Tuners with over 7000 total setups. Thanks to kerr for keeping the site going and thanks to all of you who have contributed to the site over the past 9 years. Long may it continue with the release of GT5 Thumbs Up
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Gran Turismo 5 shown at GamesCon Germany Updated by GT2000 08/21/2009 5:40 AM
As some of you may know GamesCon started this week in Germany. Its basically the Euro edition of E3 that runs in the US where Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo show of there latest hardware and software.

Sony showed of there new PS3 slim which is retailing at £250 here in the UK on the 1st September 2009 which is the same price as the new PSP GO. The PS3 slim will have a 120GN HardDrive but will NOT have BC support for your PS2 games.

Also at the event was GT-PSP which was being played from the in car view of a clio at the ring and GT5 was also on show for people to play. Still no confirmation of a release date but I'd expect us to see it by the end of the year.

For more info and some fantastic video clips of all things GT check out
Also be sure to check out for other news from the show.
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