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All Gran Turismo 5 cars acquired Posted by Kerr 09/08/2011 12:05 PM
I have now acquired all the cars in Gran Turismo 5, aside from the special edition DLC cars that cannot be traded. Thank you to those that helped out! This was a very long process, one that I started back in April of this year. About 110,000 miles were ground and an estimated 750,000,000 spent, and I am very happy to have this phase of the project behind me.

I am off on vacation for a few days, and then I will move into the next phase, which is developing the setup form. It will be cake compared to the car acquisition. Thanks for your continued support!
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Need some help acquiring a couple cars Updated by Kerr 09/05/2011 12:49 PM
I've been making pretty good progress with site updates. I'm very close to done with the car admin form, which is what I'll be using to make sure all the stats, equipment & available settings are complete. I'm about to move into the data collection phase, but I still need three one Standard cars:
  • HPA Stage II R32 Donated by hotdog
  • Land Rover Range Stormer Concept '04 Donated by nissemand
  • Mazda RX-7 Type RZ (FD) '98 I'm pretty sure this car does not exist in GT5. I checked as well as this list at gtplanet, and it is nowhere to be found.
If anyone is willing to gift me these vehicles to help the GTVault cause, I would be eternally grateful. If you plan to donate please let me know your PSN ID and the car you want to donate by posting in this thread. My PSN ID = gtvault-com
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Yep, I'm still alive... Posted by Kerr 08/05/2011 11:59 PM
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates as of late. I have been out of pocket for the last couple weeks, and work / life stuff has kept me from the GT5 updates. That said, I have a lot of the database foundation in place, and then comes the bulk of the work with car data compilation. Hope everyone is well, and I'll keep you informed as I make notable progress.
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Adjustable LSD vs. AYC Controller on Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution models Posted by Kerr 07/03/2011 9:47 PM
I came across something weird while testing equipment options for he Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR GSR '04. In the Tuning Shop, I can purchase the Adjustable LSD in the Drivetrain section. However, when I start a race and pull up the Drivetrain section in Settings, Adjustable LSD is nowhere to be found. I also found this to be true on the Evolution VII GSR '01.

The Mitsubishi Evos are the only cars in GT that have the AYC Controller, and it comes standard. Does having the AYC Controller negate the ability to use the Adjustable LSD? If so, I don't understand why one could purchase an Adjustable LSD for an AYC equipped vehicle.
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Gran Turismo 5 support coming to GTVault Updated by Kerr 06/20/2011 6:22 PM
Remember my post from last December, stating that GT5 updates here at GTVault were very unlikely? Well, I always reserve the right to change my mind. Smile I said "unlikely" rather than "never", as I wanted to wait and see how things played out. In the ensuing months, Polyphony Digital has addressed most of the issues in Gran Turismo 5 surrounding car tuning. I also wanted to gauge long term community interest, which appears to be at an all-time high.

I'd like to take this opportunity to announce that GTVault will be supporting Gran Turismo 5. I've been conducting a lot of background research and laying the foundation for some months now. With that said, I still have a lot of work ahead of me.

I know a lot of long-time GTVault members have held off using other options in the hopes that I would make this announcement. Your support means a lot to me, and was a major factor in my decision to push ahead with Gran Turismo 5 integration. I may be calling on some of you for input and help in the near future.

That leads us to the inevitable question, "When can we start posting Gran Turismo 5 setups?". I'm currently juggling a lot of projects, both personal and professional, so I can't provide a hard date as yet. All I ask is for your continued support and patience. I will keep you informed of my progress in the coming weeks.
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Top Ten Lists are back Posted by Kerr 06/16/2011 10:21 PM
After a very, very long hiatus, I've gotten the Top Ten Lists working again. The old charting library I was using fell out of maintenance, so I had to integrate a new one.
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New feature - filters in Race Event List Posted by Kerr 06/12/2011 4:13 PM
I've added inline filters to the Race Event List for easier navigation. The filters are located just below the heading for each column name. You can filter on any combination of League, Event Name, License, Races, 1st / Race, Championship, Mileage and $ / Mile. The filters themselves are a combination of text boxes and selection lists where appropriate. Numeric columns like Races and 1st / Race also include an operator to filter for "greater than" or "less than" variants.

Still more to come.
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New feature - a proper Setup List Posted by Kerr 06/11/2011 10:20 PM
GTVault users are likely used to the fact that, in order to find setups, they first had to use the GT Car List and then drill down to setups for an individual car. Also, you were never able to see a full list of setups for each game without manually typing a URL. This has been an issue I wanted to alleviate for some time, and I finally got around to it here in the last few days.

You'll notice a new Setup List link in the left Navigation menu. It functions much the same as the GT Car List, only it is focused specifically on finding setups. Filters are available on each column, which I hope you'll find useful in targeting searches. I've also rearranged the order of navigation links to more closely match the areas that users like to use the most.

Link targets for each column have changed. For example, clicking on a Make will filter setups for that Make. Click on a Tuner to see all their setups, or a specific Car Name to see all setups for that car.

NOTE: these link filters are not progressive, so clicking on a 2nd or 3rd won't further restrict your search. By that I mean, if you first click on a Tuner to see their setups, then you click a Car Name, you will see all setups for that car, rather than the product of setups for the Tuner and the Car Name. I thought about this one for quite awhile, and decided this functionality made the most sense. Let me know if you think otherwise.

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New feature - filters in GT Car List Posted by Kerr 06/02/2011 9:15 PM
I've added inline filters to the GT Car List to make it easier for users to find what they're looking for. The filters are located just below the heading for each column name. You can filter on any combination of Make, Car Name, # Setups, Value, Drivetrain or Aspiration. The filters themselves are a combination of text boxes and selection list where appropriate. Numeric columns like # Setups and Value also include an operator to filter for "greater than" or "less than" variants.

This type of thing has been available for a long time now in the Advanced Car Search page, so you may ask why it is I included the filters on the main car list. 30% of the time, when people land on the home page, the first link they click is GT Car List. Better filtering there just made sense.

More to come...
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New feature - PSN ID available in My Profile Posted by Kerr 05/30/2011 1:37 PM
I noticed a number of tuners have added their PSN ID to their GTVault signature. To make it a bit easier on you, I have added PSN ID as an optional field in My Profile. To use this feature and display your PSN ID in all GTVault posts:
  • click the My Profile link in the My GTVault sidebar
  • fill in your PSN ID in the Optional Profile Information section, then click Submit
  • Logout and back in again to refresh your profile data
Most GTVault post threads are cached for up to one day. As such, you may see post threads that don't reflect your PSN ID change for up to 24 hours.
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