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Welcome to the Gran Turismo Tuners Vault. We host the most comprehensive tuning database for Gran Turismo players on the web. Take a look around and try out some setups. Please register to post setups or comments - it's free. - One Month Old! Updated by Kerr 12/20/2001 3:21 PM
After one month we have over 200 members and 100 setups, not bad for a work in progress! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site.

After the first of next year I will begin work on many setup enhancements, including tire selection and fastest lap time. Rest assured, all setups previously entered will be preserved, and tuners will be able to add the new information to existing setups.

Happy Holidays,
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New Top 10 Lists Posted by Kerr 12/05/2001 1:34 AM
Hey guys, I added a new page called "Top 10 Lists". I currently have the top 10 tuners and cars listed by number of setups. Check it out using link at the left! Comments are welcome.

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Thank you Fumes, Rettahdam528 & RSKeisuke! Updated by Kerr 04/25/2005 3:05 AM
Fumes, Rettahdam528 & RSKeisuke were kind enough to post quite a few setups over the past couple days. Check them out under the "New Setups" section, then post one of your own!
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100 Members! - now we need Setups! Updated by Kerr 12/02/2001 10:05 PM
Hey folks,

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has signed up for the Vault over the past 10 days. I hope you find the site a valuable GT3 resource today and in the future. On that note, since we only have around 30 I would like to put out a blanket request for new setup entries. C'mon guys, lets get that database populated so I don't have to call this whole project a waste of time! As always, let me know if there are any questions or other issues with the site.

Happy tuning,
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NEW LOGO!! Posted by Kerr 11/29/2001 12:06 AM
Many thanks go to our resident graphics guru and fellow tuner, Skidmark! He was kind enough to design the logo for the GT3 Tuner's Vault. Skid is a fellow member over at GTF, so if you run into him make sure to be nice to him or else!
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Upgrades! Updated by Kerr 11/27/2001 6:21 PM
I uploaded the enhancements sooner than scheduled, and it went well. Everything listed below is now active on the site. I've replaced a lot of text links with icons, so be sure to consult the "Icon Help" link to the left if you have any trouble getting around.
  • Navigation icons have been added for easier viewing, posting and editing of both setups and comments
  • A more organized Setup Viewing page - now you can tell how many times your setup has been visited!
  • Comment editing capabilities - you can now edit your posted comments
  • Setup Comment posting and editing - have an opinion about someone's setup? Now you can post a comment about it!
  • Improved formatting of comment pages - Comprehensive user info is now located to the left of a user's comment

I told you guys enhancements would be coming--- there are more on the way. I promise I will get the FAQ updated soon.

Thanks, Kerr
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GTTV Members rating system Posted by Kerr 11/25/2001 10:20 AM
I was thinking about adding tuner ratings, kind of like the ratings system over at GTF. I would base it here on setups posted instead of comments posted. I'm not sure on what names to use for the different tiers though. I was thinking there would be 5 tiers starting with something like "Lurker" and going up to something like "Gearhead"... I'm not sure.

Any thoughts?
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Our first contributors! Updated by Kerr 11/24/2001 1:44 PM
Thanks to Godson9888 and Rypien for being the very first contributors to the GT3 Tuner's Vault! Godson9888 entered a couple setups for the Esperante GTR-1 & one for the Corvette Grand Sport and Rypien input a 787B setup which I can't wait to try out (I love that car). Keep 'em comin!
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Happy Thanksgiving! Posted by Kerr 11/22/2001 1:51 PM
Well, it looks like I already have 10 new users in about 3 hours... and on Thanksgiving Day no less! You guys should be spending time with your families, not surfing the forums! This site can be a really cool tool for the GT3 community. And of course, it goes without saying, the site will only be as good as we make it. So, let's get some setups entered!

If anyone needs anything or has questions, post a comment or e-mail me.
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