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New SharkPort saves Updated by Kerr 03/26/2002 8:29 PM
Hey folks, I received updated SharkPort saves from Skidmark awhile back and have finally gotten around to posting the new zip file. You can find it at the SharkPort Saves link in the left margin.

On another note, I was messing around with the Tommy Kaira ZZII last night - man that is a hell of a car. Try it out fully tuned and with RSKeisuke's great setup.
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Jaguar XJ220 Race Car setups wanted Posted by Kerr 03/04/2002 8:45 PM
Hey, if anyone has a good setup for the Jaguar XJ220 Race Car feel free to post it on the site.

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Road Trip Updated by Kerr 06/22/2005 1:14 AM
Hey guys, just got back from a road trip from KC to Denver & back. I got a new car awhile back and this was the first chance I've had to really see what it was capable of. We made it to Denver pretty quick, 600 miles in 6 1/2 hours. We had a strong headwind, but we managed two 5 mile runs at 130mph. I expect I could've gotten 140-145mph out of the car without the headwind. Not bad for a four door!

Here are a couple of pics:

My Car
Denver Sunrise
Garden of the Gods

If any of you ever plan to haul ass across Kansas, make sure you take a radar detector. Hi-po is everywhere out there!
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Killer cars in GT1 & GT2 Updated by Kerr 02/21/2002 10:21 PM
This is for you tuners who have played GT1 and GT2 extensively. I remember each game had one car that just kicked the crap out of every other car, then in the next game in the series that same car pretty much sucked. So, badass car in GT1 = crappy car in GT2 and the same went for a second car in GT2 then GT3.

Anyone remember the two cars I'm talking about? A free pat on the back goes to whoever gets it right first. I'm outta here til Tuesday, see ya then.

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3500 Horsepower Updated by Kerr 02/16/2002 1:18 PM
I finally got a SharkPort the other day and I've been tinkering with this Hybrid editor which allows you to take parts from one car and put them on another. It's pretty fun seeing what you can do with it. After some tweaking I managed to get an F090/S up to 3524 HP! I hit a true 380mph on the test track and got the sucker to run 45's on Midfield. The only drawback is that your tires wear out VERY quickly.

Has anyone else delved into hybrid editing yet?

UPDATE: I obtained the hybrid editor from This site
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It's my B-day... Updated by Kerr 02/06/2002 7:19 PM
I remember growing up I couldn't wait for my birthday so I could finally play the videogame I'd been asking for for months. Now I end up buying the videogames before anyone else has a chance to. So now my family gets pissed off and just gives me gift cards to Best Buy. I guess now I can get that Godfather gift set I've been too cheap to buy with my own money!
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New setup feature - Best Lap Time Posted by Kerr 02/02/2002 6:16 PM
Hey folks, I just uploaded a new site feature. Now you can enter your best lap time as part of a car setup. I also added a contributors page to recognize those who have helped me with the site (link at left). Please let me know if there are any problems.

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Favorite F1 Car (NTSC) Posted by Kerr 01/28/2002 4:06 PM
I've been racing three F1 cars for some time now, the F090/S, F094/S, and F686/M. As far as handling is concerned, I can get them all very similarly set up... so for me the answer to which is my favorite comes down to pure speed. The F090/S is the clear loser in this contest. It seems the F094/S has marginally better pickup in the 0-100mph range while the F686/M has a little better acceleration at 120+mph. I don't know, this could be some sort of gearing issue but the setups I'm running are practically identical. I like them both, but the engine sound of the F686/M definitely appeals to me more than the F094/S. So, to make a long story short, I'm torn.

Now I just need to get hold of an F094/H! What do you folks think?
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Happy New Year! Updated by Kerr 01/02/2002 9:05 AM
I hope you all had a happy new year. I moved my home over the holidays, so it's been a busy time to say the least. I have a number of enhancements (like tire selection) planned for and hopefully I will have some time in the next few days to sit down and get started on them.

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F090/S and the SS Endurance race... Updated by Kerr 12/20/2001 3:34 PM
Whenever you race an endurance race in the hopes of winning a specific car, there is a 3 in 4 chance you won't get what you want. It's very frustrating to attempt these races multiple times only to keep winning cars you don't want or need. I've come across what may be a record in consecutive SS Endurance wins with no F090/S in the garage... 23. Wity over at the forums has won that race 23 times and still has no F090/S to show for it.

Anyone else had a similar experience with the SS Endurance or other endurance races?
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