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For all you NASCAR fans out there... Updated by Kerr 06/22/2005 1:12 AM
My girlfriend got free passes to the Richard Petty Driving Experience out at the Kansas Speedway. Normally it costs $100 but she got them for free through her job - very cool. So we went out there this morning and stood around for a couple hours, then suited up and rode three laps at ~160mph. Let me tell you, if you ever have the chance to do this don't pass it up. The lateral G forces were like nothing else I've felt in a wheeled vehicle. The sound of the engine was incredible - loud but not deafeningly so. The cars are much louder when you're stading outside 5 feet from the exhaust. It's hard to explain in words the rush I experienced - it was definitely a great time!

I took a few pics while we were out there:

The guy everyone hates
A pack of cars waiting to roll
Three cars out on the track

Oh yeah, you can pay $250 if you want to actually drive a stock car around the track for 8 laps. It sounds like a ton of fun, but I don't know if I'd want to part with that much $$$ for 8 laps. Hell, it would've cost us $33 a lap had we not received comp tickets.

I've noticed it's been pretty stagnant around here lately. This happened a few months ago and then traffic just blew up. I'm curious to see what happens this time because the traffic on this site is very in line with how popular GT3 is at any given time. blah blah blah I'm rambling...

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Choices choices... Posted by Kerr 07/26/2002 10:00 PM
My roommate is thinking about getting a new car and he's wavering between the new Mustang Cobra that's coming out (390bhp) and the F150 Lightning. I personally think he should get the Lightning - you can't beat a badass truck IMO. What do you guys think?
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New look for Posted by Kerr 07/14/2002 10:54 PM
What's up guys? I got a wild hair this weekend and decided to change the look here at the vault. I was getting tired of the green style and wanted to make the logo a little less prominent. Let me know what you think!
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Pathetic but enjoyable racing Updated by Kerr 07/02/2002 6:25 PM
I went over to my old roommate Chad's house the other night. Another friend Damon sold Chad his old computer so we all three got together for some gaming. Chad had an XBox and Project Gotham Racing (good game - try it if you haven't). We only had 2 controllers so we played winner stays loser sits out style. All the cars were unlocked so naturally we picked the fastest like the Ferrari F50 and the Porsche Carrera GT.

Even though we were picking like cars, my friends were getting their asses trounced. So Chad comes up with this handicap plan: Each time I win a race, I have to downgrade my car one notch until both Chad and Damon beat me using whatever car they want. I should point out here that the slowest car Chad or Damon ever used was the Carrera GT. There are around 30 cars in the game, so we started joking that I would get down to fhe Ford Focus Cosworth before they would beat me. The cars I was relegated to racing were getting so slow that I had to get a good start and ram my opponent's ass and spin him out. Then I just raced a clean race hoping he wouldn't catch up. Around an hour and a half and 18 cars later Chad & Damon both finally beat me while I was racing, guess what, the Focus. It was racing at it's finest.

Anyone else seen anything this pathetic before? To their credit, I'm sure they could both kick my ass in the football game of their choosing. But, I would say I'd beat them if they were using a little league team and I were using a Super Bowl winning team.
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New OLR (On Line Racing) Series Updated by Kerr 06/25/2002 8:10 PM
Hey folks, if anyone is into OLR, there is a new series starting over at Scalded Dog Racing called the Nations Cup. You can get there by clicking the Scalded Dog Racing link at the right, or here is a direct link to the series.

Thanks fo GarethS for letting me know about the new series.
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New feature - subscription services Posted by Kerr 06/18/2002 2:26 AM
Hey guys, I just implemented a subscription feature for cars, setups and home page posts. First, the car subscription:

If you're a member of you can now get e-mail notification when a new setup for a given car is posted to the site. Go to the Preferences page and select the car(s) you want to get notification on. You can subscribe to as many cars as you wish.

Second and third are setup and home page post subscription. This feature is very similar to the auto e-mail subscription features of many forums on the web. Whenever you post a comment on another's setup or on a home page post you will be automatically subscribed to that setup/post. You will receive an e-mail when a user posts the next comment. The e-mail will have a direct link to the setup/post and also an unsubscription link. The auto subscription feature can be turned on/off via the Preferences page. I have defaulted everyone's status to "on".

I'm still updating the FAQ, but I wanted to get this one out there since I spent the past week solid on it.

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1000 Members! Updated by Kerr 05/25/2002 2:52 PM
Well folks, today we hit the 1000 member mark. Thanks to all who have contributed to This site would be nothing without the active particiaption of the GT tuning community. I'm working on some site enhancements, although with the nice weather it's coming along rather slowly. Keep the setups comin!

Oh yeah, I was toying around with redesigning the site, or at least maybe the color scheme. What do you guys think?

Feel free to try out some of AlphaOmegaSid's setups. He's only been here a week and has already posted 86 setups. Let him know what you think by leaving a comment.

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Vandals shall die! Posted by Kerr 05/20/2002 7:48 PM
Don't get me wrong, this isn't a e/n site, but I have to vent. I live downtown in the city and went out to the suburbs for a party last night. While I was out there some jackasses in a riced out Civic drove by, threw a beer bottle at my car and shattered the back window. I found the bottle intact, so I called the police who took over an hour to drive from the doughnut shop down the street. I described what I saw (make, model, color, appx. year but didn't see the plate) so they wrote up a worthless report and pretty much told me I was screwed. My tax dollars hard at work.

Nothing happens to my property downtown, but the minute I venture out to the burbs I'm out $800. I can't think of anything the world needs more than a bunch of drunk, spoiled burb bitches cruising around defacing other people's hard earned property. I hope they had fun, because if I ever see that car again retribution will surely be paid.

Feel free to share your thoughts and/or vandalism stories. I'd especially like to hear any story involving revenge on the perpetrators!

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9000HP C5-R Hybrid Updated by Kerr 05/09/2002 10:04 AM
What's up guys,

Godson9888 sent me a SharkPort save file which has a Corvette C5-R he worked on. I haven't messed with it yet, but he said it has 9000HP! I bet even SS tires wear out quickly with this thing. If you're interested, grab the file from the SharkPort Saves link on the left. Feel free to post your thoughts...

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I-Link Racing Rocks! Posted by Kerr 04/09/2002 4:24 PM
Hey folks, I had 4 guys over to my place last Saturday for some I-Link Battle racing. It was the first time I'd I-Linked, and I have to say it was the most challenging and fun racing I've seen yet. You have to get used to the physics in Arcade mode (I play Sim mode all the time) but once you get past that it's a blast.

I meant to take some pics of the 5 PS2's we had set up and running but I totally forgot. Maybe next time. Anyway, if you haven't I-Linked yet - DO IT NOW!

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