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Setup ID
Model Year
Best Lap
Date Entered
Last Modified
Apricot Hill Raceway
05/01/2010 1:36 AM
05/04/2010 1:11 AM  
Muffler Racing Suspension Racing
Racing Chip Sports Transmission Full Customize
NA Tune Stage 3 Clutch Triple Plate
Front Tires S3 - Soft Flywheel Semi-Racing
Rear Tires S3 - Soft Carbon Driveshaft Equipped
Nitrous None GT Auto - Wing Equipped
Turbine Kit None Limited Slip Full Customize
Intercooler None AYC None
Supercharger None VCD None
Brakes Racing Weight Reduction Stage 3
Brake Controller Equipped Increase Rigidity None
Setup Item Front Rear Setup Item Front Rear
Spring Rate 8.0 9.0 Stabilizers 3 2
Ride Height 100 113 Brake Balance 4 5
Shock Absorbers Downforce 30 30
Shock Bound 3 4 LSD Init. Torque 60
Shock Rebound 3 2 LSD Acceleration 60
Camber Angle 2.0 2.2 LSD Deceleration 46
Toe Angle -2 -2 Nitrous
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Final Auto Set
2.751 1.935 1.451 1.140 0.938 0.858 3.953 10
TCS Ballast
0 0 1 -14 0
Chrysler Crossfire GT Tuner Competition hosted by jalevesque
Running Dates = 04.01.10-04.30.10
Sixth Place Tune for the Chrysler Crossfire

Color = Black
Rims = Bridgestone 001
Wing = 3D Type DB

T1: 0'24.028
T2: 0'53.137
T3: 1'07.930
T4: 1'24.119

Moderate tune for the car, for this competition. Found that adding a Rigidity Refresher or Stiffness Increase effected the cars handling. Car will lend itself to great handling on Racing Tire grades and Nitrous used on Top end where HP and Torque are weak..

EDIT: TCS is 1.. ( had two too many cars and 3 too many tunes.. Just noticed/remembered this when I was checking out some of the other transmission numbers..

PSN: MontalvoMC
Joined: 01/23/2010
Last on: 05/03/2012
Setups: 6
Posts: 152
Posted 05/04/2010 10:17 PM Post a reply Quote this post View adeadsnipermatt's info
Why so much LSD?

Joined: 09/04/2008
Last on: 01/21/2018
Setups: 183
Posts: 576
Posted 05/05/2010 2:50 PM Post a reply Quote this post View MarkusXO's info
Well it actually gives me more output to start off with.. which can id in steering the car.. Torque can cause wheel spin.. but you get the point.. there is an adjustable output.. have it choked back you may not have the gain coming out of a turn..that you could otherwise.. The decel.. probably could be adjusted quite a bit.. I don't think I need that much it helps in slowing you down.. I usually start with higher number and with it off and go from there.. But yeah I do use LSD because I know how to apply it when driving ... but other comments by others tuners here.. may have different opinions.. and some of what they is quite true about it actually having the ability to hinder a better time..

Anyway the car has such low power and soft enough suspension .. that only in one place does it cause an issue.. the hairpin before the straight.. not the finish..line one though.. You can actually spin the tires in the turn..but this has to do with the reactions all the way around.. TCS of 1 takes it away and still will allow you have better control in the turns.. I also test my tunes on other tracks too.. so if you get a chance to drive it or w/e.. you should have good success on other tracks as well..

Basically I guess you could say it aids in my turning ability and stability.. I can jump from a nose down slide to a weight transferred turn at full throttle.. and still make it in some cases.. instead of just overshooting my apex.. with over-braking.. or in setting up for the turn.. ( useful when running lap after lap after lap.. ) Something I do.. and if it doesn't work then.. I usually change it.. as the car weathers along though.. you may see some issues with the body pith when accelerating through a turn.. the front of the car may still drift out.. too much HP output overall for the car to handle ( or do a rigidity refresher )..
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