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Setup ID
Model Year
Best Lap
Date Entered
Last Modified
Road Setup
04/24/2010 9:44 PM
05/02/2010 10:23 PM  
Muffler Racing Suspension Racing
Racing Chip Sports Transmission Full Customize
NA Tune Stage 3 Clutch Triple Plate
Front Tires R3 - Medium Flywheel Racing
Rear Tires R3 - Medium Carbon Driveshaft Equipped
Nitrous Equipped GT Auto - Wing None
Turbine Kit None Limited Slip Full Customize
Intercooler None AYC None
Supercharger None VCD None
Brakes Racing Weight Reduction Stage 3
Brake Controller Equipped Increase Rigidity None
Setup Item Front Rear Setup Item Front Rear
Spring Rate 4.2 4.0 Stabilizers 3 4
Ride Height 109 106 Brake Balance 5 5
Shock Absorbers Downforce
Shock Bound 5 4 LSD Init. Torque 60
Shock Rebound 3 2 LSD Acceleration 60
Camber Angle 2.0 2.3 LSD Deceleration 46
Toe Angle 0 0 Nitrous 50
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Final Auto Set
1.817 1.308 0.828 0.594 0.460 0.402 5.500 24
TCS Ballast
0 0 0 0 0
EDIT: R2's can give a little more drift..
This is one of a couple of tunes I have for the Cuda..

IF you want to tame it a little for better racing.. try the supercharger.. this will effect the way the car handles slightly.. so take note..

This is the embodiment of what I know of a HemiCuda.. wish there was more customizing for it..

I can actually loose traction all the way through 5th.. so beware.. Old school Muscle the way we remember it.. No emergency Brake here.. just press on the gas.. and drift it on home..

Tire sets.. have been tested all the way down to Normal on the car and one several tracks including B-spec.. I think the tune is well rounded while still giving you the true feel of the car..( with of course .. 740 HP.. ) I tuned the car in with an older one then transferred the numbers over to a brand new one.. worked great..

Quite a bit of snap-back.. so if its shifts off.. ( the first thing was to learn how to drive it and when to come up off the 740 HP ) ..slow it down and do your best.. maybe even throw it on around if you got the right spot in the gears.. Very controllable.. and fun..

Top End will be around 218 MPH... which is WAY more than the original.. quick to it, especially in a slipstream.. but 5th seems to just want to hang so use the Nitrous on High speed runs.. keep some for it.. the car should keep up with most .. and walk off and leave them in the turns..

Enjoy.. and feedback would be nice..

PSN: alexisepic
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Posted 04/28/2010 4:21 PM Post a reply Quote this post View slideways's info
good job, i personally love this car. I like how you can feel the torque range affect the speed severely.
Live to slide, slide to live

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Updated 04/28/2010 6:48 PM Post a reply Quote this post View MarkusXO's info
Yes its a frightening thing to see the car track sideways come around three cars, change direction, track back the other direction and come up on and around you smoking the tires the whole time, gaining ground and just eating up the pavement like you would not believe..shift smoke and walk off and leave it... while your doing 120 MPH..You are just like holy shi-..BUT COOL AS !@#$.. LOL

I had to drive the car and get used to it .. know it.. watching the replays were exciting and cool..not too many have that kind of movement on he track, or gain sideways.. I knew I had it right, at that point.. Everything they stood for.. Love to drift it..
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