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Setup ID
Model Year
Best Lap
Date Entered
Last Modified
Road Setup
04/10/2010 1:31 AM
04/10/2010 1:38 AM  
Muffler Racing Suspension Racing
Racing Chip Sports Transmission Full Customize
NA Tune Stage 3 Clutch Triple Plate
Front Tires R2 - Hard Flywheel Racing
Rear Tires R2 - Hard Carbon Driveshaft Equipped
Nitrous None GT Auto - Wing Equipped
Turbine Kit None Limited Slip Full Customize
Intercooler None AYC None
Supercharger None VCD None
Brakes Racing Weight Reduction Stage 3
Brake Controller Equipped Increase Rigidity None
Setup Item Front Rear Setup Item Front Rear
Spring Rate 8.0 7.4 Stabilizers 3 2
Ride Height 95 99 Brake Balance 4 4
Shock Absorbers Downforce 30 30
Shock Bound 3 4 LSD Init. Torque 60
Shock Rebound 1 2 LSD Acceleration 60
Camber Angle 2.0 2.6 LSD Deceleration 47
Toe Angle -2 0 Nitrous
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Final Auto Set
1.875 1.304 0.971 0.759 0.621 0.560 5.500 12
TCS Ballast
1 1 1 0 0
Nitrous = 70 Setup would not allow it to be chosen or put in.

Car is a work in progress.. 160 MPH Top End.. 180 MPH with the help of Nitrous or slipstream... Probably could be tweaked a little in some areas, but this will done eventually. Great performer and will hang with cars who have twice the HP..

Car was tested on R1, S2, S3, R2 tire sets.. Front may seem t slide.. this can occur because of the low Rebound Strut number in the front, also a little vibration.. Brake easy... and be in the accelerator early. Suspension settings allow for the great handling, but if you put too much on them they bind. This will cause a slide. and will also happen IF your slowing down too long, and too much.. The car will take corners without a problem VERY well at higher speeds.. braking is quite minimal and should be used easy..

Cars fuel consumption and tire wear is very low.. would/will make a great endurance car after working out the final number in the transmission and in a few other areas for the best performance up against cars in other classifications..

Color: Alpinweiss
Rims: CH0244
Wing: 3D Type BB

Enjoy.. would like some feedback if there is any.. :)

Joined: 09/23/2009
Last on: 09/15/2011
Setups: 33
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Posted 04/27/2010 1:21 AM Post a reply Quote this post View jalevesque's info
I gave this car a spin at one of the long races at Grand Valley reverse using R1 tires. I was able to run 7 laps before needing to stop for tires because the fronts tires. I find the ASM was slowing the car in the slow to medium speed turns, but was helping some at high speed. Also TSM was slowing the car down at low speeds too.

Next I turned all the driving aids off and still ran 7 laps before need a pit spot, but also dropped 5 seconds off the 7 lap run. The car was much better in the slow/medium speed turns because it turned in better. In the high speed turns it did under-steer some, but not to bad. Also found the Z4 had to much body roll as speeds climbed.

MarkusXO are you up for some changes I made to the Z4 that will drop some more time?

Joined: 09/04/2008
Last on: 01/21/2018
Setups: 183
Posts: 576
Updated 04/27/2010 2:22 PM Post a reply Quote this post View MarkusXO's info
Always up for an improvement.. Thumbs Up

You can post them up or w/e you want to do.. but did you test the car to be cross compatible with B-spec ( which usually holds true but not always ), and the car I had was taken to each and every track for testing before I decided on the numbers.. I also ran the car on everything from N1 to R5.. Which is sort of an explanation for the body roll.. If you get a little too stable wit the car with N' and S' you slide and loose traction easier when shifting weight.. so I opted to allow for force absorption instead of stability which can be easily achieved by altering the driving style and setup for each execution in driving style.

The TCS, and ASM numbers are there to aid in keeping the wheels from spinning and getting into the tire wear.. Also with the lesser tire grades it can aid in helping you keep the car tame, ( mainly useful for switching between many tire grades and requirements quickly before the driver has adjusted driving style and accounted for reaction times; also keeps you from tuning a car in for a specific tracks canting and elevations changes and allows the car room to react in differences in the terrain if needed ) for endurance racing..which also relates to the longevity of the tunes performance as well.. stronger car longer..and a bit more stable in relation to the reactions between suspension reaction and tire grip which changes as tire wear becomes apparent. Tested it at Motegi - 8h Endurance..A-spec and B-spec.. Loved it at Nurburgring .. but mot BMW's do perform well there..

Anyway.. yeah enough explaining..( you get the concept behind it though ) Post up what you have improved... Love to see it.

Joined: 09/23/2009
Last on: 09/15/2011
Setups: 33
Posts: 185
Posted 04/27/2010 8:49 PM Post a reply Quote this post View jalevesque's info
I had to ask first.

On the tire wear I do not see the Z4 using up rear's. The car is hard on the front ones. After reading your post I did a run on S2 tire and found the same thing as on R1's. You just need to be easy on the throttle for the first lap and then your good to go. If you think TSM need use it. I still think ASM just kills the car.

Here are my changes to the set-up. The change are good for taking 13.3 seconds off the 7 lap run over using all the base setting. Give them a try I think you will like them.

toe angle - 0 / -1 helps with front tire wear and still works at turn-in.
stabilizer - 5 / 5 helps give the inside a little more grip in the turns.
Diff - init. 15 and Accel. 25 helps free the car up turn the turns.
driving aids - 0/0/0

Joined: 09/04/2008
Last on: 01/21/2018
Setups: 183
Posts: 576
Updated 04/27/2010 10:02 PM Post a reply Quote this post View MarkusXO's info
Not really big changes there.. I was expecting a bit more.. except LSD.. I get turn in by slowing down earlier than expected and nailing it wide open through, and by using the accelerator to help turn, by shifting weight forwards and backwards..and road walking the rear a little.. so I will have to see how that works...( also helps boost speed when racing against stronger competitors.. but I would always get them in one place or another )

Will give it a whirl though.. Thumbs Up Smile

OH and if you get a chance, and know who to drive old school HP.. check out my Cuda.. I had some mad fun with it... very different car from what most of these are here.. but fun... and a winner too.. always a plus..
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