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Vote for Setup 8149    New Setup for ASL Arta Garaiya (JGTC)      
Setup ID
Model Year
Best Lap
Date Entered
Last Modified
Twin Ring Motegi - East Short Course
01/04/2010 12:59 AM
01/04/2010 2:18 AM  
Muffler Racing Suspension Racing
Racing Chip Normal Transmission Full Customize
NA Tune None Clutch Standard
Front Tires R1 - Super-hard Flywheel Standard
Rear Tires R1 - Super-hard Carbon Driveshaft None
Nitrous None GT Auto - Wing None
Turbine Kit None Limited Slip Full Customize
Intercooler None AYC None
Supercharger None VCD None
Brakes Normal Weight Reduction None
Brake Controller Equipped Increase Rigidity None
Setup Item Front Rear Setup Item Front Rear
Spring Rate 7.8 10.8 Stabilizers 2 3
Ride Height 70 71 Brake Balance 9 9
Shock Absorbers Downforce 30 50
Shock Bound 4 5 LSD Init. Torque 60
Shock Rebound 3 3 LSD Acceleration 60
Camber Angle 2.6 2.6 LSD Deceleration 49
Toe Angle -1 0 Nitrous
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Final Auto Set
2.380 1.643 1.217 0.944 0.767 0.652 5.500 10
TCS Ballast
0 0 0 0 0
GT300 Competition
Stage2 - tune

Color = Stock
Rims = Stock
Wing = Stock

I really came out of the gate blazing on this one.. The first 5 turns really plays a crucial role in being able to get ahead. I finally came through this area passing two car and not having to come up off the accelerator hardly.. was by chance and accident, something I could not hardly duplicate .. tried until my thumbs hurt too bad to drive anymore. The car has a few weak points, like braking, this point will really fool you when slowing for the turn as well and the ability to get into the accelerator early and push the car around the turn, It has a different balance than most MR's, and takes a little to find a comfortable place to drive it.. It seemed the more I tried to adjust driving as I did for other MR's, the worse I got.. I did manage to get some 2'53's out of it.. but barely.. hopefully you can grab them by chance..(the same way I did..LOL)

Sorry for not have the checkpoint times as I deleted my replays thinking that I would not even get close to placing in this, being that I pretty much didn't have the time to do so..I remember passing the first two in the first five turns and having the Peugeot by the next.. the taking out the Lancia S2 in the next set of chicanes, last car somewhere around the last turn before the start line and having to fight for it a little, got rear-ended (a little push) until the first five again.where I just walked off and left 'em.

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