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A Guide to Ballast Balance vs Ballast Weight Updated by BTWhite37 04/19/2007 4:33 PM
* Ballast Balance vs Ballast Weight

Check this out,......
This is an interchange between me, BTWhite37 and another member, DTW about this balance/weight deal.

BTWhite37 wrote:
Is Ballast Balance : location?..... and is Ballast Weight: additional wieght, (the kind that is added to even the racing field in Trans Am Championships)?

DTW relpied:
Yes that is exactly what it is.

BTWhite37 wrote:
As a tuner can we use the ambient weight of the car to tune with.
Race car designers move oil tanks, fuel cells, batteries and anything else that isnt nessesary where it is, to move "center of balance". Is that what we're talking about here?

All this moving around can make huge differences in handling without adding any extra weight, and could account for "Ballast Balance" changes in handling without adding Ballast Weight. Just a thought?

DTW wrote:
There seems to be a growing debate about that question. If you ask some tuners (therat1989 we could use some of your input here) they say that it must be possible as adjusting the balance seems to affect the car. In my testing I have not seen this happen. I have tested this on an MR, FF, and FR and have gone from one extreme (full adjust to the front and then the back) and have seen no change in the way the car handles. I suppose only time and more input from others testing this will solve the issue.

* Then our man "Toreno" goes the extra mile and offers some considerable testing to help our Balance / Weight setups.

Ballast Balance for MR, 4WD, FR, RR, FF

The ballast balance without weight DOES make a difference! I did all testing at Suzuka Circuit.

BF= Ballast Front / BB = Ballast Back

FR: Toyota Supra
BF: Added turn-in steering in corners but less traction at the rear, Thumbs Down
BB: Not much over/ understeer difference. Grip is increased, Question?

RR: RUF Yellowbird
BF: More Steering response and more traction in high speed turns, Thumbs Up
BB: High speed steering is almost impossible, Thumbs Down

BF: Same as RR, Thumbs Up
BB: More tail out turns, more fun. Sudden high speed turns can spin you out really badly, Question?

4WD: Mitsubishi EVO VI Tommi Makinen
BF: Acceleration is faster, turn-in more accurate, Thumbs Up
BB: Braking power increased, added understeer, Thumbs Up

FF: Dodge Neon
BF: More oversteer with setting about 20%. Faster acceleration, Thumbs Up
BB: Rear grips in corners, but, added a little understeer, Question?

* Hope this helps wth fine tuning your setups............ Let me know if it does.

If there is any you can add to the post, let me have it. BTWhite37 at Hotmail dot com
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