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Model Year
Best Lap
Date Entered
Last Modified
Road Setup
07/21/2004 11:13 PM
04/24/2005 2:24 AM  
Muffler Normal Suspension Full Customize
Racing Chip Transmission Unknown
NA Tune Stage 1 Clutch
Front Tires T5 - Medium Flywheel
Rear Tires T5 - Medium Carbon Driveshaft
Nitrous N/A GT Auto - Wing N/A
Turbine Kit Limited Slip Full Customize
Intercooler AYC
Supercharger N/A VCD
Brakes Weight Reduction
Brake Controller Equipped Increase Rigidity N/A
Setup Item Front Rear Setup Item Front Rear
Spring Rate 7.8 5.8 Stabilizer 7 7
Ride Height 101 94 Brake Balance 9 8
Shock Absorbers Downforce
Shock Bound 7 7 LSD Init. Torque 49
Shock Rebound 6 6 LSD Acceleration 41
Camber Angle 2.0 1.3 LSD Deceleration 17
Toe Angle 0.5 1.0
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Final Auto Set
4.869 3.238 2.226 1.691 1.325 1.091 2.738 34
0 4
they sabotaged this car because it would make the japanese cars look stupid. i couldn't let my favorite car not be fun to drive.
understeer was killing me on this car and the stage 1 tune just smoked those tires. guess and check tuned this but I'm happy with it. steer with the throttle. these gear ratios with the stage 1 did wonders.
I drift when I drive but I averaged a 1:17@laguna with this setup (I run 1:09 with the F090/S)

Joined: 05/11/2002
Last on: 04/25/2005
Setups: 37
Posts: 60
look at my setup...
Posted 07/27/2004 11:02 AM Post a reply Quote this post View suprafly's info
suprafly out.....................

Joined: 05/11/2002
Last on: 04/25/2005
Setups: 37
Posts: 60
now it's nice...
Posted 07/27/2004 11:19 AM Post a reply Quote this post View suprafly's info
well kinda. i just gave your car my gear ratios and limited slip, changed the asm to 4 and the tcs to 6, and i removed the stage one. it just ran a 1'18".779 at laguna seca (compared to the 1'20".xxx ran by my setup), and now it handles great.

it runs a 10.961 (compared to your 11.0xx) in the 1/4 with a top end of 235.1 mph (in fifth gear; doesn't reach sixth----note: all of this was done with the ride height at max, but i wouldn't recommend it for regular driving because the vehicle becomes unstable).

however, it requires early breaking (no more flying into the corner for me) and alot of braking on some corners; otherwise, it's aight.

suprafly out.........................
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