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Vote for Setup 1782    New Setup for Chevrolet Corvette C5R      
Setup ID
Model Year
Best Lap
Date Entered
Last Modified
Road Setup
05/31/2003 6:33 PM
Muffler Normal Suspension Full Customize
Racing Chip Transmission Unknown
NA Tune Stage 2 Clutch
Front Tires Standard Tires Flywheel
Rear Tires Standard Tires Carbon Driveshaft
Nitrous N/A GT Auto - Wing N/A
Turbine Kit Limited Slip Full Customize
Intercooler AYC
Supercharger N/A VCD
Brakes Weight Reduction
Brake Controller Equipped Increase Rigidity N/A
Setup Item Front Rear Setup Item Front Rear
Spring Rate 16.5 15.2 Stabilizer 4 5
Ride Height 60 63 Brake Balance 17 15
Shock Absorbers Downforce 1.00 1.25
Shock Bound 5 6 LSD Init. Torque 10
Shock Rebound 8 9 LSD Acceleration 35
Camber Angle 3.2 1.6 LSD Deceleration 5
Toe Angle 0.0 0.0
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Final Auto Set
3.070 36
4 5
This is a nice rounded setup for all tracks. Set auto gearing to suit. This was tested at Midfield.

Joined: 06/06/2003
Last on: 06/19/2003
Setups: 0
Posts: 6
great setting
Posted 06/06/2003 2:28 AM Post a reply Quote this post View fanfan214's info
I have tried different settings, provided by others and this is the best setting by far
thanks a bunch

Joined: 05/25/2003
Last on: 03/19/2005
Setups: 29
Posts: 1
other setings
Posted 06/07/2003 3:58 PM Post a reply Quote this post View SNAKESPD's info
Glad you like it. I have settings for every car in the game, so if you like the way I setup- meaning you have the same driving style I do- let me know if you're looking for a particular one and I'll add it. I've just posted my favorite cars so far (about 27 I think).

Joined: 06/06/2003
Last on: 06/19/2003
Setups: 0
Posts: 6
Posted 06/08/2003 5:45 PM Post a reply Quote this post View fanfan214's info
alright I messed around with the vitz1.5 i am able to get the first 3 tracks. stuck on the special stage route ii havent tried on the last stage yet.....
at the special stage route ii AI just seems to overpower my vitz this track has a lot of turns U turns i might add so i figured i should put auto set to 15. but didnt seem to be working for me..
any help is welcome


Joined: 09/28/2003
Last on: 01/20/2004
Setups: 3
Posts: 12
I like that setup
Posted 09/29/2003 1:23 AM Post a reply Quote this post View IcantDrive55's info
I like that setup...i'm going through my list of cars, and I'm beginning to realize I can't setup a car! I have gotten 100% twice, so I can hold my own....good setup though..i'm updating my garage.
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