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Those Ferrari's are looking nice. Unibrow

Although if there are three cars I really want this game to bring back after GT2 are:

Ford GT40 (Street - the sound of this car is killer)
Shelby Cobra Coupe (Racing)
Vector M12 (It just looks so cool!)
GT Tuner

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GT 5P dissapointment
Posted 10/05/2008 9:58 AM Post a reply Quote this post View Ishkinae's info
Are there other people out there who think that the quality of GT is dropping with each new game? I don't mean to be ragging on Gran Turismo, I've bought every version they've made. But I''m really dissapointed, I have been since GT4. Now with 5P, my dissapointment has grown. GT3 was great, and I thought the driving physics would evolve with each new version, but to me, they have'nt.
I enjoy realistic driving simulators, and they're hard to find. One of the best (and to me) and most realistic games I've played is V8 Supercars 2 & 3. I think the driving physics are excellent, you can almost feel the car. If you press the accelerator to far to fast, the back end starts to move out. I don't get any of that sensation with GT. You floor it from a straight start in GT, and you hear what is supposed to be tires spinning, but you can't feel anything. Another good game was WRC Rally Evovled (5). WRC 4 sucked. It was like the car had a rod scewered through the center of it, and the movement gimbled around that. But with WRC Evolved, they really nailed the physics.
That is what I was hoping would happen with GT. If they could get the type of driving physics, as with V8 SC 3, or WRC Evolved, the game would be so great.
If I have pissed anyone off with this post, it was not my intention, I mean I bought the PS3 specifically for GT, thinking new system, skies the limit, but I've played Racedriver Grid mostly..
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